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Yedesta Gibi (House of Joy)

Vulnerable Families & Orphans’ Home

HFK’s Vulnerable Families & Orphans’ Home has been endearingly named "Yedesta Gibi" by those who are living there. This is Amharic for House of Joy!

The ‘Yedesta Gibi’ opened in March 2015 and is home to a number of our vulnerable mothers and their children, along with several orphaned children and teen boys. Many residents share significant disabilities or have undergone major life-saving surgery and require a clean, safe environment for their lengthy recovery, follow up and rehabilitation. The Yedesta Gibi has recently become home to a family of three orphaned children who have been warmly welcomed into this community. Their story of loss and desperation is heart wrenching. The day they moved in the children were full of emotion; so excited, yet crying. They were so happy to be together, to have stability and to start school! This home provides residents with a caregiver, medical & home visits from our nursing staff and a loving, supportive community.

Rahel Tamirat, HFK’s Project Manager in Ethiopia, shared how touched she was by the delight each resident displayed in taking ownership of naming their own compound. This is what they had to say about the name they chose:

“This compound means a lot to us… it is a source of our joy and relief. We are all so very happy to name it ‘Yedesta Gibi’ and we will never tire of being grateful for moving here!”


Wahle and her daughter used to sit, begging on the streets of Korah. Wahle has limited use of her hands and legs, and this was their only means of survival. They slept on the dirt floor in the corner of a dilapidated hut. Every day Wahle lived in despair, fearing for her child and their future. TODAY her life has changed! Wahle has HOPE!! She is sponsored through Hope for Korah and receives holistic support including food and medical care. Wahle and her children take part in our many programs while living in a safe and loving community HFK’s Yedesta Gibi. Wahle’s life and many others are being transformed by the HOPE God brings through those who have generously chosen to Stand with Korah.

Written by Eve Pohl

It is by God’s grace that Sawanet is alive today. She was literally on death’s doorstep. When I first saw her sitting quietly beside her mother on the edge of the dirt road in Korah, I had no idea how truly sick she was. With only the clothes on her back, Sawanet’s mother had left her children and home in the countryside to bring her very sick daughter to the city. As with others who end up in Korah, she was desperate to find help. One year earlier Sawanet was a healthy young girl, running and playing, and attending school until one day she fell, hurting her hip. Without access to medical care it was left untreated and became infected. Now Sawanet could barely walk, she had developed abscesses on her arms and was weak, anemic and very underweight at only 17.8kg. The doctors who saw her that day were shocked by her grave condition. Thanks to their vigilance, we were alerted to her condition and decided that Hope for Korah (HFK) would do all that we could to save this child. She and her mother were immediately moved into our HFK Compound and cared for by our staff and nurses.

We brought Sawanet to The Cure Hospital in Addis Ababa for an assessment with Dr. Richard Gardner an orthopedic surgeon. She was diagnosed with Osteomyelitis in her hipbone. This infection had destroyed her hip and upper femur, migrating from the original site to both upper arms. For weeks we had to prepare her physically by increasing her calories and nutrients in order to help build her reserve. She then underwent the first of five surgeries, including her hip, both arms, leg and growth plate. We are so grateful to Dr. Gardner and The Cure Hospital for providing these surgeries, x-rays, lab work, braces and hospital stays free of charge.

Sawanet and her mother lived at our ‘Yedesta Gibi’– Vulnerable Families & Orphans’ Home for 14 months. HFK’s Medical Coordinator Tammy Brandsma R.N. and our Ethiopian nurses & social workers were instrumental in the daily medical support and care needed for Sawanet’s recovery and long rehabilitation. Hundreds of hours were invested in appointments, physiotherapy and home visits. Through their love and the support of our donors, we had the joy of seeing a life restored. Before our eyes we saw Sawanet develop, heal and return to an active, happy and gentle girl full of promise. In March she received the all-clear by Dr. Gardner and a few days later, she and her mother returned home to the countryside & were reunited with the rest of their family. Thanks to so many, this child has gone home a different girl – alive and thriving by the grace of God and the hope that working together brings!

As an epilogue – God’s timing was perfect.Two days after Sawanet left, we moved three orphaned siblings into her room, the youngest is very ill and they were desperate to find hope. Thankfully we are in the care of a God that restores!

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