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Elementary and High School

A portfolio of programs focused on needy youth.

HFK's many education support programs include school sponsorship, after-school tutoring programs & the kids’ souk, fieldtrip opportunities, child sponsorships and support, and more.

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School Sponsorship

Living in an urban poverty setting poses unique challenges to children’s education. It is not uncommon for children to take months or even years off from school due to economic hardship or in order to look after ill family members. These long interruptions affect both the continuity and quality of their education. Poor nutrition frequently interferes with children’s performance at school as it further impedes their ability to concentrate and think. Due to these factors, is quite common for classrooms to have children of varied ages all in the same class (for instance having a 9-year-old, 11-year-old, and 14-year-old together in a grade 4 class).

Hope for Korah offers poor and needy children an opportunity to attend local schools in the Korah area and receive an education by assisting with the cost of school fees, uniforms, and supplies. Supplementary tutoring is also available to HFK students after school to promote learning and to meet the individual needs of our students. By offering holistic support to the entire family unit through Education and Family Sponsorship, HFK seeks to remove as many barriers as possible that could be standing in the way of our students’ academic goals and success.

After-School Tutoring Program & The Kids’ Souk

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The HFK Tutoring Program is continually developing to meet the learning needs of children in our programs. Due to poverty and life circumstances, children’s education in Korah is often quite fragmented. Therefore, it is HFK’s desire to provide strong tutoring support to bolster children’s education and to help fill in gaps which might otherwise interfere with their academic success. Tutoring is available throughout the week to Elementary and High school aged children. Subjects include Math, English, Reading, Writing, Chemistry, Biology and Physics.

HFK has introduced the Children’s ‘Souk’ (Amharic for store) to encourage students’ participation in the tutoring program. During tutoring lessons each day, children are given the opportunity to earn points through displaying qualities such as good work ethic, participation, attendance, and performance. Every month or so students get to ‘shop’ at the Souk, exchanging their points for new clothes, candies, toys, shoes and more! This is a great way to create a fun incentive for students, while impressing the importance of education.

Child Sponsorship

Photo of elementary after school students

While HFK’s primary focus is Family Sponsorship, we do offer Child Sponsorship for those children who are not in sponsored families and who demonstrate significant need. Sponsorship provides a child in Korah with the opportunity to attend a local school, engage in HFK tutoring and youth programming, receive basic medical care, and receive nutritious breakfasts through the Berta Breakfast program. This helps Korah families who might otherwise not be able to afford education and medical care for their child. Providing education is a significant step towards improving the lives and futures of young people in Korah!

Field Trips

HFK seeks to make learning fun, engaging and dynamic through offering a field-trip for different students each year. In the past, field trips have included trips to the zoo, the arcade, and even out to a restaurant. For many children in Korah, these are experiences that they have never had before, and their excitement is contagious! The van rides to and from are always full of laughter, singing and animated conversation between students.

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